What is a Tsuchinoko?

What is a Tsuchinoko?

What is a Tsuchinoko? Well, to put it simply, it is a cryptid from Japan. You can write its name like this ツチノコ or like this槌の子 . In translation, this name literally means ‘hammer spawn’. These creatures are apparently between 30 and 80 inches long.

The name “tsuchinoko” is more popular in Western Japan. However, in Northeastern Japan it holds the name of “bachi hebi”. The tsuchinoko has a thin head and tail, and a wide girth in between. It supposedly also has fangs and a dangerous venom, similar to other snakes. Some witnesses also report the tsuchinoko as being able to jump one meter. I mean, what is scarier than a venomous snake? One that can also jump, apparently. This creature also appears in the Kojiki, the oldest book about the history of Japan.

What is a Tsuchinoko?What is a Tsuchinoko

To me, this one looks like a snake that hasn’t finished digesting its meal. Some legends even talk of this creature being able to speak. Moreover, it has a penchant for lying to everyone. (If you ever meet this creature, do not trust it.) As if this wasn’t enough, the tsuchinoko likes drinking, apparently. Some of them will bite their own tails and roll around like a hoop. In this aspect, they are similar to the Greek Ourobros. Or a hoola-hoop.

Some reports claim that the tsuchinoko can chirp or squeak. Most people agree that they have a distinct neck with black, grey, or brown scaly skin. One of the most recent searches of this creatures comes from the year 2000. Lots of people flocked to Yoshii, Okayama, to hunt it down.

Everything started when a farmer said that he spotted one of these creatures when he was cutting grass. He said that what he saw looked like a snake, but with a Doraemon face. I mean, I guess why that would be creepy. The farmer hit it on its head but the sneaky thing managed to escape.

A few days later, an elderly woman spotted something resembling a tsuchinoko by a stream. Instead of showing it to anyone, she just buried the thing. Eventually, word got out, so the local government sent out a team to dig up the creature. Their conclusion was that it may have, indeed, been a tsuchinoko.


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