What is a Changeling

What is a Changeling?

What is a Changeling? – We all know that some of the spookiest folklore come from Ireland. The changelings are part of one of these disturbing Irish legends. But what were these weird creature? The legends say that the changelings were evil and malevolent fairies. But their actions are far more creepy.

What is a Changeling?

What is a Changeling ?A changeling is an evil fairy that can take away a child, sometimes forever, and replace it. The replacement is the changeling. It will try to imitate the physical characteristics of the child I replaces. But there will be small signs that can be observed. You might ask yourself, why would the fairies do such things? The legend says that fairy babies are ugly and troublesome. But the human babies are docile and beautiful. So they replace the human babies with fairy babies or elderly fairies.

Scottish tradition takes this whole tale to a next level. According to a Scottish legend, the fairies made a deal with the devil. Due to this deal, they have to make a blood sacrifice to the devil every seven years. They were not able to kill one of their own kind, so they started to steal human babies to turn them into sacrifices.

What is a Changeling?

How do you know that your child is a changeling?

There are a few clear signs of a changeling taking the place of a human child. One and the most easy to observe is the appearance of birthmarks and unusual physical features. If your child changed physically, it displays new never-before-seen birthmarks, then it might be a changeling.

What is a ChangelingBut the behavior of the “child” changes also. He will become more troublesome and misbehaving. But he is also more intelligent. At least more intelligent than children of his age. He is aggressive with others, even with his own parents. And he is hungry all the time.

A very easy method to make sure that a child is a changeling is to make it hold iron in his hands. Even fairies are very sensitive to iron. A any other magical creatures. Irish parents used to place iron into the crib of a newborn, so the changeling and the fairies will not approach him.

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