What Are Shadow People?

What Are Shadow People?

Have you ever been scared of your own shadow? How about that sneaky shadow figure moving at night in your bedroom? Shadow people have been seen everywhere around the world. But What Are Shadow People? And why are they so terrifying?

What Are Shadow People?

What Are Shadow PeopleThe Shadow People are also known as shadow figures, shadow beings or black masses. And they terrify people for a very long time. The sightings of these creatures are numerous and really scary. Some say that they are just results of the human imagination. But others take them very seriously.

A shadow person is a humanoid figure made up of black mass. It has no face, no eyes. It is just a patch of shadow, that seems to move, live and it looks at you while you sleep. Ok, don’t be terrified, you might not be “haunted” by one of these creatures. And the shadow people are not always harmful. NOT ALWAYS!

The paranormal and spiritual communities consider these shadow creatures to be spiritual entities, ghosts, spirits, demons, etc. In other words, they are evil spiritual beings.

What Are Shadow People from a more realistic perspective?

There are several scientific explanations for this phenomenon. Sightings of these shadow people usually happen during sleep paralysis. Those who suffer from this condition have bigger chances to meet these shadowy shapes or figures during the episodes of sleep paralysis. As a result, most scientific researchers, link this phenomenon to physiological and psychological conditions.

The researchers sustain that when our consciousness or emotional state is in high alert, we tend to hallucinate. Being scared, feeling fear or suffering a panic attack can trigger some kind of hallucination. Therefore, when you experience sleep paralysis, or you wake up scared after a night terror, you have higher chances to see the shadows move around you.

Sleep deprivation is another condition that often triggers this phenomenon. Those who suffer from long periods of sleep deprivation often report seeing shadow figures.

Now you know What Are Shadow People. Next time you see a creepy shadow moving around you, standing in your doorway or getting closer to you, just turn the lights on. And it most likely will disappear. At least, you should hope so!

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