The Pagan Origins Of Santa Claus

The Pagan Origins Of Santa Claus

The Pagan Origins Of Santa Claus: We all know Santa Claus – the old fat mister dressed in red who is always nice and jolly. But did you know that the origins of Santa Claus are, in fact, pagan? I know the story about St. Nicholas the priest and bishop who many claim Santa is based on. But the story of St. Nicholas is not that similar to Santa Claus. Beside of the gifts, there is no other similarities. So where do the elves, the reindeer, the flying sleigh, the chimney and the other supernatural ideas come from?

The Pagan Origins Of Santa Claus

The Pagan Origins Of Santa ClausThe origins of Santa Clause are traced back to the 3rd century, Germany. This tradition then spread to Holland, England and The USA. But there is only one little problem. There were no Christians in Germany until the 5th century. Therefore, if there was a Nicholas in Germany, who Santa Claus is based on, he must have been pagan. The Dutch celebrate St. Nicholas even today. And not only the Dutch, but also Eastern and Central Europe. In these countries on 5th December is St. Nicholas’ Eve and the next day is St. Nicholas Day.

On December the 5th St. Nicholas and his two (black) helpers come at night to leave gifts in children’s boots. According to the tradition, his helpers listen to what the children do and say. Then they report to St. Nicholas which child is good and which is naughty. The naughty ones will get a branch. This particular tradition makes us think that the idea of St. Nicholas might come from or might be mixed up with Woden.

Woden is a Germanic god. He has two raven helpers. Their mission is to listen and observe everything that happens in the world. Then report it to Woden.

Could Santa Claus be Odin?

The Pagan Origins Of Santa ClausOdin is a Nordic god. He was very well known among the Germanic people. He travels the skies on his eight-legged horse called Sleipnir (the child of Loki and Svadilfari). Odin is also accompanied by two black wolves and two raven. Which bring him information from around the world.

Another origin of Santa Claus can be seen in other details of the whole story. Firstly, his helpers are elves. In Christianity, there are no elves. But they are important characters in Druidism. Which is a pagan religion. We can find the origin of the Christmas tree in Druidism. In the winter solstice, the Druids brought oak trees into their homes and decorated them with gold balls.

The Pagan Origins Of Santa Claus – In conclusion, the central idea of a gift bringing joyful man might have its origins in St. Nicholas, the bishop of Myra (Turkey). But we have to face the fact that the story of Santa Claus is not entirely Christian. There are just too much pagan elements and similarities with pagan traditions.

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