The Nephilim Giants

The Nephilim Giants

More and more movies and series present us Nephilim characters. Therefore, you should be familiar with the concept. But the myth or legend of The Nephilim Giants is much more bloody than you might think. Although the movies portray them as half human/half angelic creatures who will save humanity, the reality is much darker.

The Nephilim Giants – Who are they?

The Nephilim GiantsThe story, told in Genesis but also in Enoch 1, starts with the rebellion of 200 angels in Heaven. These 200 angels, also known as The Watchers or The Grigori Angels, rebel against God. And their punishment consists of their fall. This is when the now known demons, once angels, fell from Heaven to Earth.

Coming to Earth they start to terrorize human beings. They portray themselves as gods, teaching mankind occult teachings, alchemy, astrology, sin, oppression and adultery. Azazel or Azael was one of the chief watchers who taught people how to make swords and other weapons.

At one point the watchers (Sons of God) started to sleep with women (daughters of men). The result of their act were The Nephilim Giants. The real problem started with the appearance of these giant beasts. Because they started to cannibalize, kill and torture people. They even drank their blood.

One of these giants is known by the name Asmodeus.

The end of the The Nephilim Giants

This whole legend took place in the days of Noah. So, now you kind of know how it all ended, right? Well, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and Angel Sarafel went to God to convince him to stop the suffering of human beings on Earth. So God thought a flood would be the best solution.

Firstly, God sent Archangel Raphael to punish Azazel, sending him in dark hole in the middle of the desert. Archangel Michael went to meet Semyaza the chief of the fallen angels. And Archangel Gabriel got one of the toughest missions, to kill all The Nephilim Giants.

Therefore, it wasn’t the flood that killed The Nephilim Giants, but Archangel Gabriel. Although there are different versions of the tale. Depends on which one you choose to believe.

The Watchers beg for Enoch to pray to God for their forgiveness. But the prophet can’t make God to listen to his prayers. So, the flood becomes inevitable. And it will destroy the wickedness on earth, alongside with every living thing (except those on the arc of Noah).

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