The Flatwoods Monster

The Flatwoods Monster

The Flatwoods Monster is an alien-like creature also known as The Braxton County Monster or The Frametown Monster. It was seen and encountered in Flatwoods, West Virginia and also in Fametown, West Virginia. Nobody really know what it is, but most witnesses sustain that it is an extraterrestrial.

How does the Flatwoods Monster look like?

The Flatwoods MonsterThe Flatwoods Monster is a really weird creature. Witnesses described it as 3 m tall and 1.2 m wide. Therefore, it is a thin and really tall entity. But the witnesses described it to look like a robot. Others speculate that it might have been a spacecraft. Either way, they didn’t sense it as a living creature.

It has big glowing eyes of green and orange (just like the Dover Demon). Also the entity had a metallic armored structure. Which was lined with thick vertical pipes. The color of the armor is not sure, because some witnesses reported it to be black. Others saying that it was green.

Although. It looked humanoid, witnesses didn’t find common ground on the entity’s arms. Some depicted it without arms. And others reported it with a pair of very thin and small arms.

Encounters with The Flatwoods Monster

The sightings of The Flatwoods Monster are many. The first reported encounter happened on September 12, 1952. When three little boys saw a bright shiny object crossing the sky (UFO). The object landed on the land of a local farmer. After witnessing the landing, they ran to one of the boy’s moms to tell her about the event. Then the boys and some locals went to explore the land where the UFO landed. Getting closer to the place where the UFO landed, they saw a pulsating ball of light. One of the locals observed two small lights at the left of the object. Directing his flashlight toward them, the light revealed The Flatwoods Monster. It started hissing and running towards them. Then the whole group flee in panic.

The Flatwoods Monster

The local sheriff and news reporter were contacted, and they went back to the place to investigate. But there was no ball of light or creature. Although there were signs of a UFO landing there. The new reporter found tracks in the mud and a weird black liquid.

The next day the monster has been seen in Frametown. A couple decided to take a drive through the mountains. Until their car suddenly stopped and wouldn’t start again. Circling the vehicle in hope to figure out what happened to it, they saw something that they didn’t expect to. The creature looked like The Flatwoods Monster from the waist down. But from the waist up it looked like some kind of humanoid reptilian entity.

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