The Enfield Creature

The Enfield Creature

The world around you is filled with mythical creatures. Some of them are just myths from ancient times. But others are too recent to categorize them just a myth. On of these monsters is The Enfield Creature. Also known as the Enfield Monster, this creature is a really bizarre one.

The Enfield Creature

Enfield CreatureThe whole thing started in April 1973 in Enfield, Illinois. Where some pretty bizarre things started to happen. The first sighting of the The Enfield Creature happened to Henry McDaniel. He heard scratching sounds at his front door. Curiously, he went out to investigate. Firstly, he categorized the monster a bear. So, he ran inside quickly to get his gun. But when he returned, he was horrified.

He spotted the creature in the rosebushes. But the creature he saw, was definitely not a bear. Not eve an animal! McDaniel described the weird creature. It had 3 leg, 2 very short arms and 2 big pink eyes. He was horrified and puzzled. But he managed to shoot at the creature. As a result, the monster hissed. And then ran away quickly.

The Enfield Creature – Was It Just A Hallucination?

You might think that the whole thing was just the product of McDaniel’s imagination. But the police arrived to his property later. They discovered strange footprints around the house. The footprints looked like those of a dog. But there were 6 toe-marks!

Also, there was another sighting. A boy called Greg Garrett that lived nearby also saw the weird creature. The Enfield Creature stepped on the boy’s feet and ripped his shoes badly. Unfortunately, McDaniel encountered the creature a second time. This event happened at the railway line near his home. Search parties were sent out. And they saw an “apelike” creature near McDaniel’s home. But they couldn’t analyze the monster because it ran away.

There are many explanations. People and locals try to find a logical explanation to the encounters. Some locals speculated that the creature might have been an escaped kangaroo (due to the 3 legs). But McDaniel sustains that it was unlike any known animal species.

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