The Crocotta

The Crocotta

If you were looking for blood thirsty monster, then The Crocotta is one of those. This merciless killer devour its pray quicker than you might think. Also it kills either dogs and human beings. It prefers the forests and it can imitate our voices. So next time you hear your name in the forest, just run!

What is The Crocotta?

CrocottaThe Crocotta is also known as the Corocotta, the Corocuta or the Yena. It is a vicious killer that looks like a combination between a wolf and a dog. Having really strong teeth and an unseen digestive system. It also has some abilities, although it is already a talented killing machine. So, The Crocotta can also change his color and gender. Oh, and it can imitate the human voice.

The first report of this creature comes from the book called “Natural History” by Pliny the Elder. But many speculate that the writer got inspired by Ctesias the Greek physician. Who gave the same description of another mythological creature, The Cynolycus.

Beware of The Blood Thirsty Monster

Being able to imitate sounds, the monster can easily lure dogs and even people into the woods. But it has other, more sinister, tactics too. For example, it is believed that The Crocotta might spy on people who talk at the edge of the woods. This way, it learns, not only the language, but also the names, voices and tones. When of them leaves, the monster starts to imitate the person’s voice who left. This way, it lures the other one into the woods.

Once getting deep into the woods, the pray it lured in will have no chances to survive!

In conclusion, next time someone is shouting your name in the woods, or someone asks you to go deeper into the woods, remember The Crocotta. Because it might be your last walk into the woods.

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