Tartarus Greek God – Guardian of Hell

Tartarus Greek God – Guardian of Hell

In Greek mythology, the Tartarus Greek God was a primordial entity that existed long before the Olympians. In addition to this, Tartarus was also the name of a region from the Underworld. As a god, Tartarus was third in rank after Chaos and Gaea.

The primordial god Tartarus was one of the first-born gods of the Greek pantheon. The most ancient sources will tell us about the emergence of Tartarus from Chaos. What people know him for is the fact that he fathered the monstrous Typhon. Sometimes, in other sources, he is also the father of Typhon’s partner, Echidna. The two are famous for the fact that they went to war with Zeus and all the gods on Mount Olympus.

As a place, Tartarus was far below where Hades resided and it was the most horrible prison. Some say that the distance between Tartarus and Hades was the same as that between the heaven and earth. This place is where the gods imprisoned their rivals after the war and when all horrible criminals went. Rhadamanthus, Aeacus and Minos decided who would go to Hades and who would be banished to Tartarus.

Tartarus Greek God – Guardian of HellTartarus Greek God – Guardian of Hell

Tartarus was the great pit beneath the earth in the oldest of the Greek cosmogonies. For them, the Universe was a great sphere, with the sky dome forming the upper part and the Tartarus the lower. The flat, horizontal disc of the earth divided the cosmic sphere into two halves. The first half was of the men and gods, while the gloomy half was the prison for the Titans below.

Hades is quite distinct from the pit of Tartarus. The land of the dead was at the very ends of the Earth, or in the depths of the Earth. However, Tartarus descended even further than Hades, in the deepest recesses. Tartarus had a surrounding wall of bronze, set with a pair of gigantic gates.

The Greek God Tartarus fathered a single child: Typhon. It was a monstrous serpentine entity who tried to seize the throne of heaven. However, Zeus vanquished the creature and sent it into Tartarus.


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