Spring Heeled Jack

Spring Heeled Jack

Did you ever hear about Spring Heeled Jack? Well, if you are not from England or Europe, you most likely didn’t. But weird demonic creature caused massive hysteria in Victorian England. The first ever sighting of Spring Heeled Jack took place in 1837, in London. But other encounters were reported later.

Who or What Was Spring Heeled Jack?

Spring Heeled JackThere’s no actual information about what this creature was. Nobody succeeded in categorizing it. Although, there are numerous theories. And there are many descriptions of its physical appearance and abilities. This creature was mostly known and named after its ability to leap very long distances. But some said that it could spit out flame. And it wore sharp metallic claws. And at least two witnesses said that they heard him speaking English very well.

What does Spring Heeled Jack look like?

It is a humanoid creature. But it has nothing to do with a human being beside that. Because this creature has clawed hands and glowing red eyes. It had a diabolical appearance, frightening witnesses. It also had a black cloak, beneath which Jack had as helmet (to not be recognized?) and tight white garment. But there are several descriptions that compared the creature to the devil. Others described him as a really tall and thin gentleman.

Spring Heeled Jack Sightings

The first ever sighting of this devilish creature happened in London, in 1837. This encounter was described by a girl called Mary Stevens. She was a servant on the Lavender Hills. The girl met Jack when she Battersea, after visiting her parents. She was going through a dark alley, when the creature got her. It gripped her until immobilizing the innocent girl. Then it started to assault her, by kissing her and ripping off her clothes with his cold claws. She managed to scream, and the creature ran away.

Spring Heeled Jack was seen the next day. It jumped in front of a carriage, causing it to crash. Several witnesses, not only the coachman, saw the creature. It jumped over a 2.7 meter wall. While Jack laughed in a high-pitched demonic way. And the sightings of Spring-Heeled Jack started to continue.

But he was seen a few decades later too, in Liverpool, in 1904. His has been encountered gradually more and more towards the North-West region of England. Being seen in Liverpool more times. Once on the rooftop of St. Francis Xavier’s Church (in 1888) and on the William Henry Street (in 1904).

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