SCP Plague Doctor – What Does He Cure?

SCP Plague Doctor – What Does He Cure?

Item #: SCP-049 / SCP Plague Doctor

Object Class: Euclid

Description of the Subject: SCP-049 has a humanoid appearance and stands at 1.9m tall with a weight of 95.3kg. Its face is covered with the traditional Plague Doctor mask from the 15-16th century. For this reason, the Foundation was not able to study its face closely. The material of the mask seems to be similar in composition to that of its body. It feels like rough leather, but looks more like ceramic The police discovered the SCP Plague Doctor in ██████, England.

SCP Plague Doctor – He Will Cure YouSCP Plague Doctor

The subject is very docile, at least until it tries to perform surgery. Its touch is lethal to humans, victims dying within minutes of touching the Doctor’s hands. The SCP Plague Doctor can produce a bag with needle, thread, scalpels and vials of an unknown substance. No one knows where the bag comes from, because it does not show up on X-rays.

But what does he do with them?

What the subject claims to do is to cure people of the plague that is threatening them. There is still much debate on what he cures, exactly. One theory is that he tries to return humans to their original state, whatever that is. SCP 049 remembers what life was like before, and tries to restore it. Some people believe that color itself is an SCP that plagues society. People have no way of knowing whether things were in color back then since all pictures and video were black or white.

Another theory says that it could refer to either stupidity or compassion. After surgery, the victim will wander aimlessly, without any indication of higher brain functions. When it encounters another human it will try to kill it before returning to its mindless state. Due to this, the theory about compassion seems more viable.

Special Containment Procedures: the SCP Plague Doctor needs to be contained in a secure cell and only Level Two or higher personnel can remove him. Before this, the subject has to be sedated. When out of the cell, two armed guards will accompany SCP-049, while he wears an iron collar secured with two iron poles.



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