SCP 294 – The SCP Coffee Machine

SCP 294 – The SCP Coffee Machine

Item #: SCP 294 / SCP Coffee Machine  –  Object Class: Euclid

The SCP Coffee Machine is a popular one among all of the SCPs. It’s also a pretty interesting one if you ask me. It appears to be a regular coffee vending machine at first sight. However, the only notable difference is that it has QWERTY buttons on it. After your put in 50 cents, it will give you any drink you can think of. Pretty neat, right? Imagine being able to get drunk on 50 cent shots!

SCP 294 – The SCP Coffee Machine

However, the Foundation is testing this machine to see what types of liquids it can give you. The results so far have been pretty interesting, too. Initial tests included simple requests for beverages. These were: water, beer, coffee, soda and tea. Other tests were for: motor oil, wiper fluid and sulfuric acid. The simple paper cup could hold the sulfuric acid with no problem, although no one knows how this is possible.

The machine will not give out anything other than liquids. A request for something solid will not work. Ok, that is not really correct. SCP-294 will not give out a substance that does not or cannot exist in liquid form. Researchers asked for nitrogen, glass and iron, and received them. In spite of this, the machine seems to work on abstract matters too. One subject asked for music and they received a beverage which made them “feel a rhythm”. More tests needed for this.

SCP 294 – The SCP Coffee Machine

The SCP has a limited number of uses, that being 50. After that, it will need about an hour and a half to replenish itself. Again, no one knows how it does this. Other subjects asked for very specific beverages, and the SCP knew what they were. One of the requests was for ‘the best drink I ever had’ and the subject received it. This managed to show that this SCP uses a person’s memories to make the drink.

Currently, the SCP Coffee Machine is on the 2nd floor of the Foundation, in the personnel break room. After an incident, there are guards that keep an eye on any interactions with it.

Special Containment Procedures: There is no special containment procedure on file for this item currently.



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