SCP Builder Bear: Addendum

SCP Builder Bear: Addendum

SCP-1048-A: On ██/██/████, a personnel member discovered this SCP wandering around Site 24. He was on the presence of SCP-1048. The subject resembles a teddy bear, and it’s similar in shape and size to the original. Witnesses say that 1040 was giving it a tour of the facility. A security team arrived at the sight, in an attempt to catch the SCP builder bear.

This is when the subject emitted a high-pitched shriek that inflicted pain in everyone present. Immediately, ear-like growth began growing on those within 5 meters of the subject. Everyone died within 3 minutes, due to the ear growth covering their tracheas and suffocating them. Both SCPs fled the scene after this incident. Shortly after, they discovered a researcher with a missing ear. He does not know how it happened.

SCP Builder Bear: AddendumSCP Builder Bear

SCP-1048-B: Foundation staff members encountered this one in the cafeteria on ██/██/████. This subject’s appearance was nearly identical to that of SCP-1048. Witnesses say that it appeared as if something was moving inside it. Suddenly, something which resembled an infant hand burst out of its seams.

At the sight of this, a female researcher named ████ ██████ screamed. SCP-1048-B reacted by emitting a high-pitched cry similar to that of an infant. In the chaos that resulted, a security team had to [REDACTED] both the researcher and SCP-1048-B. 3 hours after this incident, they found Dr.██████ unconscious and bleeding in her office. People said that the SCP used her unborn baby to make another replica of itself.

SCP-1048-C – Subject resembles a teddy bear similar to SCP-1048. However, it consists entirely out of metal scraps. Dr. Carver was the one that first sighted the subject while he was writing a report in his office. Subject fled the room when it noticed Dr. Carver observing it. In the attempted pursuit, Dr. Carver witnessed the death and maiming of █ Foundation personnel.

Some personnel members have deemed SCP-1040 as SCP Builder Bear, for the simple fact that it builds replicas of itself. No one knows why it does this or how.

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