SCP-999 –The Cure to Depression!

SCP-999 –The Cure to Depression!

Item #: SCP-999  –  Object Class: Safe

Description of subject: SCP-999 is probably one of the most popular SCPs out there. And it’s not hard to see why. At first glance, it seems like a huge gelatinous mass of orange slime. However, its rather unattractive appearance does not detract from its personality. This little fellow is the perfect companion. It can change its size and mass at will, according to its own desires. Most times it is the size of a beanbag chair.

SCP-999 –The Cure to Depression!

Apart from its gelatinous mass, the subject does not appear to have any internal organs. This is definitely peculiar because scientists do not know how it functions. SCP-999 has a very mild temperament, very light and playful. It almost resembles a dog in behavior. When you approach it and give it attention, it will come and nuzzle you while making cooing noises.

SCP-999 – A Weirder Pet?

If it sounds cute now, then wait until you hear about its scent. You will definitely change your mind about slimy creatures. Or, at least about this one. It emits a very pleasant odor that smells different depending on the person that plays with it. Some recorded scents are: roses, bacon, chocolate, fresh laundry and even Play-Doh.

What makes everyone want this as a pet is its effect on people, which is rather therapeutic. Just by touching SCP-999 you will get an immediate feeling of happiness and elation. The feeling intensifies the longer that you spend in the presence of it. Just imagine how amazing it would be to have it as a cuddle partner whenever you feel down! You can even play with it and tickle it. It likes tickle fights!

The creature interacts with everyone. However, it seems to have a soft spot for loners or for people who are sad or suffering. Those that suffer from depression will immediately get cured if they spend some time with this SCP. This sounds better than getting medication, right?

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-999 can freely roam the facilities whenever it wants. The only exception is during the night, when it has to sleep in its pen.



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