SCP 966 – The Sleep Killer

SCP 966 – The Sleep Killer

Item #: SCP 966  –  Object Class: Euclid

Description of the subject: SCP 966 is a type of predatory digitigrade humans, with elongated faces and very sharp teeth. Each of their hands has five claws, measuring 20 cm in length. In spite of this, the claws are not much help, because they break easily. The creatures measure 1.60 meters in height and they weight 30 kg. Due to their low muscle density, these creatures are really weak and not fit for hunting.

SCP 966 – The Sleep Killer

SCP 966 feed on animals as well as humans, and they hunt either alone or in pairs. They hunt by emitting a burst of ██████ waves. These waves inhibit anyone’s ability of entering any of the REM stages of sleep. The range of the waves is up to 20 meters. However, later tests managed to show the fact that certain metals can block them. Unfortunately, none of the attempts to make the victims sleep worked. Even if the victim is unconscious, it still does not provide restful sleep.

SCP 966 – The Sleep Killer

This is how SCP 966 manages to incapacitate its victims. It deprives them of sleep and continues to stalk them until the victim passes out. Afterwards, the SCP will consume its prey. The subject is extremely agile and also very silent while it stalks its victims. Sometimes it will let out threatening noises in order to distress its victims even further. The Foundation discovered these specimens in ██, and ever since then it’s trying to thin its numbers. However, there are still very large numbers of it in █████ and █████.

Special Containment Procedures: The “Dream Hunters” have to regularly check for news regarding sudden and violent sleep-related deaths. The Foundation currently has 3 specimens, and they must remain in a 10 x 10 m steel room. Two security cameras with infrared sensors which monitor the room at all times.

Once a month, personnel will give the 3 SCPs 20 kg of meat. In the event of one of them giving birth, the specimen will be disposed of.



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