SCP 895: The Cursed Sarcophagus

SCP 895: The Cursed Sarcophagus

Item #: SCP 895  –  Object Class: Euclid

Description: SCP 895 represents a huge ornate coffin which the SCP personnel recovered from the █████ █████ Mortuary on ██/█/██. People made several reports on unusual footage from the surveillance cameras in the area. When the suspicious activity continued, they decided to bring in the Foundation’s help. None of the staff at the location could give any relevant information as to how SCP 895 got there or how they transported it to the location.

SCP 895 The Cursed Sarcophagus

When they attempted to open it, the staff found out that the sarcophagus was empty. However, the people checking the surveillance cameras in real time saw [DATA EXPUNGED]. Due to this, the sarcophagus must remain closed at all times. At least until further notice. No one is allowed to get close to or open the sarcophagus under any circumstances.

What the sarcophagus does is disrupt the video and photographic surveillance equipment. The effect takes place on a range of 50 meters and it causes vivid and disturbing hallucinations. These hallucinations seem to vary when it comes to their length and duration. They just depend on the camera’s proximity to SCP 895.

SCP 895: The Cursed Sarcophagus

When the camera is in range of 5 meters of the sarcophagus, the footage can cause severe psychological trauma. Fortunately, these disruptions to not extend to the observers physically present in the actual area.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP 895 is to remain in an underground containment cell, away from human contact. The depth of the chamber is 100 meters. No one can bring in any microphones, surveillance equipment or cameras within a 10 meter radius of the site. At least two Level 3 personnel must give their written permission for this beforehand.

Any personnel on site that exhibits unusual behavior must go for a screening immediately. According to their symptoms, they will either undergo termination or they will no longer work on site.

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