SCP 682 vs SCP 173: The Ultimate Confrontation

SCP 682 vs SCP 173: The Ultimate Confrontation

Today we will give you the breakdown on SCP 682 vs SCP 173. As you might know, SCP-682 is a massive, hyper intelligent reptilian creature. People gave it the nickname Hard-To-Destroy-Reptile due to the fact that nothing and no one can ever destroy it.  When they asked God (SCP-342) about it, he said that it ‘wasn’t one of his’ and that it was probably a glitch.

To fuel your curiosity, here is what happens when you put these two SCPs together. When SCP-682 entered the containment area of SCP-173, it started making several distressed noises. It pressed itself against the wall and kept away from the other SCP, as is sensing the danger. It continued to stare at SCP-173 without pause for 6 hours. Agents stopped their observation for a while.

SCP 682 vs SCP 173 The Ultimate Confrontation

After resuming observation, they see SCP-682 on the floor, with several injuries around its head, neck and legs. SCP-173 has tissue on its hands. SCP-682 regenerates then moves to a different wall, developing several sets of eyes on its body. It keeps up the observation for an additional twelve hours. After this time period is up, personnel took SCP-682 away from the room and into its containment chamber.

SCP 682 vs SCP 173: The Ultimate Confrontation

Notes: After review, it seems as if SCP-173 could not do any lethal damage because of a difference in size. A possible test repeat may happen if SCP-682 gets enough damage to reduce its physical mass.

When the majority of people find out about SCP-682 for the first time, everyone goes though a certain phase. This phase involves trying to find ways to kill it. It’s normal, and most people go through it. However, the appeal of this SCP is the fact that no one can kill it. If one were to actually find a way, then it would lose its appeal. The community does not always respond kindly to people who bring up killing SCP-682.

I personally think that this SCP is written into the code of the Universe and no one can remove it. I think that one could not have the Universe without this SCP in it. However, it was fun to see SCP 682 vs SCP 173. Even if one cannot kill it, I would still like to see the results of it facing other SCPs.


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