SCP 682 – The Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

SCP 682 – The Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

Item #: SCP 682 / The Hard To Destroy Reptile  –  Object Class: Keter

SCP 682

SCP 682 is a very popular one among those SCPs that must be destroyed. Although the SCP teams are not able to do that. They are only able to cause damages to the beast. Also known as the hard-to-destroy reptile, SCP 682 is very difficult to be contained. There are numerous restrictions and rules in its containment. For example, the containment chamber must be reinforced with a 25 cm acid-resistant steel plate. And people are forbidden from visiting or getting close to the beast.

SCP 682 The Hard To Destroy Reptile

SCP 682 is easy to be recognized. Mostly due to its popularity. But also due to its unique features. He is described as a large, reptile-like creature. And its origins are unknown. The SCP team also noted that the reptile is highly intelligent. This was observed while he was in contact with SCP 079. Other studies conducted during the beast’s containment reveal another scary thing. SCP 682 hates all life. Which makes him even more dangerous.

This hatred for every living thing combined with its strength, speed and unbelievable reflexes, makes him hard to contain and destroy. The reptile’s body grows fast after consuming and changes quickly after shedding. Its energy comes from what it ingests. Might it be organic or inorganic. Another astonishing ability of this SCP is its capability to regenerate quickly. Being able to move and talk, even when its body has been destroyed 87%.

At this moment SCP 682 is contained. Meanwhile the SCP team tries to find a way to destroy it. Although, in case it escapes, must be tracked down and re-captured quickly, by all means necessary.

Is There A Way to Destroy SCP 682?

According to Document 27b-6, Dr. ████████ recommended Dr. ███████ and Dr. █████  to request permission to try to destroy the reptile with the help of another SCP. More specifically, with SCP-689. The request still waiting for approval.

Although there have been other attempts to destroy the beast, none of them have succeeded. For example, he became immune to SCP 409. Dr. Gears proposed another idea. He wanted to send SCP 182 into the reptile’s containment center. But he refuses to do so. Therefore, at the moment SCP 682 will be contained. Until the team finds a way to destroy it, before it manages to escape.

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