SCP 409 – The Contagious Crystal

SCP 409 – The Contagious Crystal

Item #: SCP 409

Object Class: Keter

Description of the subject: SCP 409 is a large quartz crystal that measures 1.5 m in height and 0.6 m in width. Any object that comes into contact with the subject will begin crystallizing after three hours. The effect appears on any material apart from granite. The crystallization spreads by 2.5 cm per minute, converting the object or organism both inside or out. Subjects report that this effect is extremely painful, similar to frostbite. After complete crystallization takes place, the object will make creaking noises for about 20 minutes before bursting into tiny fragments.

Anything the fragments touch will immediately begin to crystallize. Nothing seems able to stop this process or reverse it, including amputation. Inorganic matter will only crystallize for a few centimeters around the point of contact. The Foundation found SCP 409 in [EXPUNGED], under a pile of crystal shards.

Special Containment Procedures: No one should touch SCP 409 under any circumstance for any reason. Anything that makes contact with it has to go into quarantine immediately, along with the materials used in transportation. The subject must remain in a granite case at all times. Transportation takes place in a granite container every time. Any residue from this SCP must be sealed in granite containers along with any tools used to transport it.

SCP 409 – The Contagious CrystalSCP 409

Addendum 409-1: After the suggestion of Dr. [500-0021D], Subject 409-D5 touched SCP 409 and then was left to become crystallized. After that, he received treatment from SCP 500. Complete recovery happened in 8 days. Subject continued to feel pains in body parts that were crystallized even after recovery. Pain faded after 13 days. No one knows whether the pain is psychological or real.

Addendum 409-2: Not even extensive testing gave any information as to why crystallization occurs. Moreover, both the subject and the shards are indistinguishable from other types of quartz crystal. The effects of it seem similar to that of a seed crystal. Any pre-existing crystal formation can cause the crystal to expand. Researchers to not know how it achieves this or why it has no effect on quartz.



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