SCP 372 – The Master of Deceit

SCP 372 – The Master of Deceit

Item #: SCP 372

Object Class: Euclid

Description of the Subject: SCP 372 is an insectoid reptilian creature of approximately 2 meters long from head to tail. Its long, thin body has eight pairs of narrow limbs and it weights around 45 kg. After undergoing testing, researchers discovered that its muscles are rubbery but solid, allowing the subject to move very fast. Every part of the creature’s body is extremely flexible, allowing for a wide range of movements. Small fibers coat all of its limbs, which means that SCP-372 can cling to almost any solid surface.

The subject has no eyes or ears to speak of, but instead has a yellow sensory organ that works as echolocator. In addition to this, it can also detect energy transfers, also including the electrical impulses in the brain. The subject can time its movement according to those pulses and uses this technique to hide. The Foundation found out about

SCP 372

SCP 372 after an agent working at █████████ ██████ reported seeing a weird creature. Surprisingly, the description fit that of the hallucinations of a certain patient.

Why hallucinations?

For unknown reasons, SCP-372 tormented the patient and hid outside the field of vision of other people, thus making it seem as if he was hallucinating.

SCP 372 – The Best at Hide n Seek

Special Containment Procedures: The subject needs to be confined in a 5m x 4m x 2m cell lined with reinforced plexiglass. Into each of these walls there will be one infrared motion detector. Feeding takes place every two weeks, the meals consisting of 1kg of red meat and raw vegetables.

All guards that approach the cell will have helmets with cameras on their foreheads, sending live feed to the guard station. In the event of a breach, everyone needs to be on alert. All personnel should watch out for any movement out of the corner of their eye.



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