What’s the Deal with SCP-2521?

What’s the Deal with SCP-2521?

Item #: SCP-2521  –  This SCP should be entirely in pictograms, but for research’s sake, I will write some things down.

Laconic Description: This SCP is a humanoid being that has the ability of passing through walls. In addition to this, what is peculiar about it is that it cannot understand information based on pictures. Whenever it encounters word-based communication, it will catch its attention. This will drive the subject to appear and take the source of communication away. Usually it is rather friendly and affectionate rather than hostile. However, its habit of collecting people and things is not very nice.

What’s the Deal with SCP-2521

Laconic Containment Procedures: Do not write or speak about SCP-2521. Communicate about it only via pictograms. Only Level 4 and above personnel may know about this SCP. When one looks at this SCP’s file, even its name is coded. The two dots represent the number two, the other five are the number five, and so on. Thus, it forms SCP=2521

What’s the Deal with SCP-2521?

This SCP came to be as a result of the Short Works Contest in 2015. A part of the challenge was to write a successful article of 500 words or less. Due to its unique format and clever execution, this one was the winner by a landslide. I always love to see unique SCPs, with traits and powers unlike anything I know of. This is definitely an interesting one.

I would have liked to find out more about its history, or maybe even about its powers. Why does it collect information? What does it do with it? What happens to the people that he takes away? Does he leave them to die in an alternate dimension or does he make friends with them?

Theorists say that he simply loves information about himself and collects it. This sounds plausible, but I’m still wondering about the subjects.

Special Containment Procedures: None. Subject can walk through walls, making containment impossible. However, its nature and status make it safe to roam around freely as long as no one mentions it.


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