Is SCP-231 the Bride of Satan?

Is SCP-231 the Bride of Satan?

Item #: SCP-231  –  Object Class: Keter  –  Site and Personnel Requirements: Under special order of O5-██, the following addendum is at the beginning of the file.

All personnel assigned to this case must rotate out for one month for psychological counseling after spending two months on site. SCP-231’s location is secret and all personnel going on-site are blind-folded. The route to the location includes no fewer than seven different forms of transportation. Individuals working with the subject must not be married, have no offspring and express nothing but loyalty to the Foundation. Those that express sympathy towards the subject’s plight will not work on the project anymore.

Is SCP-231 the Bride of Satan

Description: SCP-231-7 is a █████ female between █ and ██ years of age, with [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-231-1 through 7 were rescued from ██████████ after a police raid in a warehouse. An organization called Children of the Scarlet King were using girls in satanic rituals. After the rescue, SCP-231-1 went into labor and gave birth to SCP-██. This caused a ███████ resulting in many casualties. Afterwards, the Foundation instituted Procedure 110-Montauk to prevent future occurrences.

Is SCP-231 the Bride of Satan?

Special Containment Procedures: Following repeated escape and suicide attempts, SCP-231-7 is to remain within a soundproof cell. Adjacent to it are cells for the personnel who will implement Procedure 110-Montauk. Cameras monitor every inch of the cell at all times and doors lock magnetically.

SCP-231-7 is restrained to a hospital bed at all times except during Procedure 110-Montauk. She receives hydration through an IV drip and food through a feeding tube. Someone will administer Procedure 110-Montauk at least once every 24 hours and at least one staff member must monitor the process through cameras. The monitoring person may turn off the sound if the vocalizations become too distressing.

No one outside of the Foundation personnel knows what Procedure 110-Montauk entails. Rumors have it that it is rape, but no one can confirm. Either way, the procedure is horrible and its purpose is to prevent the birth of the subject’s child. If such a thing were to happen, catastrophic things would occur.

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