SCP 173 – The Creepy Statue

SCP 173 – The Creepy Statue

Item #: SCP 173  –  Object Class: Euclid

This creepy statue SCP is part of the Euclid class, although many people wonder why isn’t it a Keter. Well, the answer is easy, it is too easy to catch to be a Keter. And you will understand why.

Although SCP 173 is very dangerous, it is not very hard to catch or contain it. This SCP is a creepy statue, with its origins still unknown. Analysis after containment show that the statue is made of concrete and rebar. It also has traces of spray pain on its surface. And this is why is it easy to catch. Because it is a statue.

SCP 173 - The Creepy Statue

But, and this is a huge but, it acts like a statue only when it is looked at directly. Therefore, when you look at it, it doesn’t move. But when you blink… well that is the last blink. Because SCP 173 moves with extreme speed. And this SCP is also very strong. Being able to snap an adult’s neck in seconds without any struggle. So, this is why many wonder why isn’t he a Keter. Because it is an extremely powerful killer.

How can you deal with SCP 173?

Due to the material that it is made of, this creepy statue can’t be destroyed. It even had a battle with SCP 682, the hard-to-kill reptile. Which is one of the most dangerous SCPs. And SCP 682 wasn’t able to destroy the creepy statue.

The containment of SCP 173 is not very easy. The team is very alert about what creature are they dealing with. There are at least 3 team members entering its container at the same time. While one is cleaning up, the other two are watching the SCP. So it doesn’t move. And cleaning his container is important because the floor gets covered with a brown substance overtime. This substance is made of blood and feces. But the origins of that substance are unknown.

What you didn’t know about SCP 173

It was the first SCP ever published. Inspiring others to create and publish other SCPs.

Also, there is a tale involving the creepy statue. It describes a suicidal man’s attempt to die by the hands of this SCP. The man ran to the statue and then closed his eyes. Waiting for his neck to be snapped. But nothing happened. The SCP refused to kill the man.

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