Would You Download SCP-1471?

Would You Download SCP-1471?

Item #: SCP-1471  –  Object Class: Euclid

Description: SCP-1471 is a free mobile app under the name of “MalO ver1.0.0” and you can find it in online application stores. This program has no developer and can bypass the application approval.  It can even avoid removal by any other type of programs and applications. After the installation, no icons or shortcuts will appear for the application.

Would You Download SCP-1471

SCP-1471 will begin to send the individual images through text messages every 3-6 hours. All images contain the SCP somewhere in them. The SCP appears as a humanoid figure with black hair and a canid skull.During the first 24 hours after installation, the mobile device will receive images from locations frequented by the individual. After that, the images will begin including the individual too, with SCP-1471 closer and closer to them.

Would You Download SCP-1471?

Individuals with more than a 90 hour exposure to these images will begin to visualize the SCP in their peripheral vision. Sometimes they can even see the SCP in other reflective surfaces. Continued exposure to this creature will cause irreversible visualizations of it. By this point, the creature will even attempt to communicate with the humans. However, no one seems to understand its attempts at communication.

The only course of action to reverse the effects of the app is to eliminate the visual exposure prior to the 90 hour limit. To date, there has been no hostile activity regarding SCP-1471. Many think that it is just lonely and wants human companionship.

Special Containment Procedures: All mobile devices that have SCP-1471 on them will be analyzed for potential leads. Foundation personnel will monitor all online stores for mobile devices. This is to prevent all sales of the app which could lead to further contamination. All in all, this SCP is definitely one of the most interesting and well-loved. Probably due to its friendly nature and loner-like personality. Would you download the app and take it as your companion?

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