SCP 096 The Shy Guy

SCP 096 The Shy Guy

Item #: SCP 096  –  Object Class: Euclid

Also known as the Shy Guy, SCP 096 is one of the scariest SCPs. Due to the effect it has on viewers, even through video recordings, this SCP must be contained in a special cell. The cell must be a 5mx5mx5m airtight steel cube. Also, there must be no cameras or other optical tools in his cell. The SCP team makes sure that the shy guy is in his cell with the help of advanced laser detectors and pressure sensors.

SCP 096 The Shy Guy

The shy guy must never be recorded or photographed without the approval of of Dr  ███. If you are asking why, then keep reading.

How does the shy guy look like?

SCP 096 is a skinny humanoid creature. It is also very tall, measuring about 2,38m in height. This SCP is called the shy guy with a reason. The SCP looks very weird, and he hates when someone looks at him. He looks like a very tall, malnourished human. Although his hands are much longer than they should be.

Another creepy thing about his physical appearance is his mouth. He can open his mouth 4 times more than a normal human being. And his eyes are also different than that of a normal person. His eyes show lack of pigmentation. This made numerous SCP team members to ask themselves if the shy guy might be blind or not. Which is not a clear fact yet.

Why is SCP 096 so shy?

The causes are unknown, but when somebody looks this SCP or even at recordings of him, he begins to show emotional distress. This manifests with screaming, crying and covering his face with his hands. He also babbles something incoherent. After a few minutes of suffering, he starts to run toward the person who viewed his face. He runs with a highly variable speed from 35 km/h up to ███ km/h. This makes him almost unstoppable.

And I have to not that SCP 096 knows where his viewer is. Even if the person look at the shy guy’s face from an older recording. The SCP seems to sense his viewers location. After finding him, his viewer will become his victim. The shy guy will not only kill the person, but also [Data Expunged] him. And there will be no traces of the victim.

So, this is why SCP 096 must be kept contained or terminated. He is highly dangerous. Also, recordings and photographs of him have been deleted or hidden and secured. Dr. ███ petitioned the termination of the shy guy. Which was not only approved, but also carried out by Dr. ███. The termination date of the shy guy SCP is not known to the public.

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