SCP 093: The Red Sea Object

SCP 093: The Red Sea Object

Item #: SCP 093  –  Object Class: Euclid

Description: SCP 093 is a primarily red disc carved from a stone. It resembles a cinnabar, and it has circular engravings and unknown symbols all over it. There are also some deeper cuts on the surface of the SCP, with a depth of 1 to 1.5 cm. The object fits comfortably in most palms without abrasion. The subject changes color when a living individual holds it. The Foundation continues to research the colors to see if they can establish a link. Current beliefs are the color changes depending on the regrets of the holder.

SCP 093 The Red Sea Object

If SCP 093 is not in the possession of a person, it will seek out the nearest mirror surface. This SCP can travel in the largest possible circle while rolling and gaining speed. No one knows how the mechanism of this acceleration works. If an obstacle is between SCP-093 and the nearest mirror, it will use this momentum to punch through the obstacle. It will then continue on its course at this speed. It will only stop when it reaches a mirror-like surface. Despite tremendous impact velocities, it will not damage itself nor the mirror.

SCP 093: The Red Sea Object

Upon reaching the mirror, the subject rests without activity when inside it. It will remain there until someone removes it. Once it’s no longer in contact with a living human, it will start moving again.

Special Containment Procedures: See testing document SCP-093-T1. SCP 093 must remain on a mirror at all times and under video surveillance. Admittance into the containment area must receive authorization only with proper video recording. Any attempt to use SCP-093 outside of testing will be dealt with severely, up to and including termination.

Additional Notes: There are no records that could clarify the discovery or presence of this SCP in the Foundation. See SCP-093-OD. Since no records exist, a test procedure was initiated to establish why mirrors must be used to contain it. The Foundation still needs more tests to discover the meaning of the colors as well as how this SCP moves.



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