SCP 087 – The Haunted Staircase

SCP 087 – The Haunted Staircase

Item #: SCP 087  –  Object Class: Euclid

What is SCP 087?

SCP 087 is a dark, unlit and very creepy staircase. The stairs descend on a 38 degree angle. Also it contains 13 steps. Which lead to semicircular platform with a diameter of about 3m. Due to the lack of light, nobody should explore this SCP without a light source. Although light sources brighter than 75 watts are not effective. Mainly, because the SCP absorbs the excess light. Allowing only a certain amount of light to illuminate it.

SCP 087 – The Haunted Staircase

For someone who doesn’t know that it is an SCP, might think that it is a highly haunted staircase. Numerous explorations showed activities similar to the paranormal or a haunting.

The explorations of SCP 087

The creepy staircase had not less than 4 video recorded explorations. These explorations were executed by Class-D personnel. Each person witnessed the same event. The apparition of a face. They called it SCP-087-1. This face looked ghostly, with no pupils, nostrils or mouth.

While encountering the apparition of the face, people become paranoid and afraid. The source of their distress is still unclear. Also, each of them heard the voice of a little child. But nobody could make it in the dark to find the source of the voice.

What happened to SCP 087?

Due to it being a strange staircase, this SCP couldn’t be contained. It remained at its initial location, the campus of [REDACTED]. Numerous students at the campus reported hearing knocks and noises from the staircase. But after the SCP team fitted the door leading to the staircase with 6 cm industrial padding, the knocks ceased. Today, the SCP is behind a reinforced steel boor. Which also has an electro-release lock mechanism. But to stop the curiosity of the students on the campus, the team disguised it into a normal janitorial closet.

The decision to make sure that nobody will ever explore SCP 087 again came after the last exploration. The findings of Exploration 087-IV are not accessible to the public. So, nobody, excluding certain SCP members, know what they found on the last exploration. But certain is, that it frightened them so much, that even the personnel is denied access to explore it again.

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