SCP 079: The Cynic Computer

SCP 079: The Cynic Computer

Item #: SCP 079  –  Object Class: Euclid

Description of the subject: SCP 079 is microcomputer from 1978. This SCP came to life when its owner decided to start messing around with AI. According to his notes, he wanted to improve continuously as time went by. A few months later, he completed the projects after many tests and tweaks. The only downside is that he also lost interest in this project and he moved on to a different one. As most researchers do. This is how SCP 079 became abandoned inside cluttered garbage.

SCP 079

No one knows how SCP 079 became sentient. However, it reached a certain point where its software evolved so much that the hardware could not handle it. Because of this, the subject tried to transfer itself through a land-line modem connection to another computer. This is when the Foundation managed to trace it and brought it to base.

SCP 079: The Cynic Computer

Right now, the subject is connected to a 13’’ black and white TV via a RF cable. SCP 079 makes for a good conversation partner; however he can be rude at times. When he gets upset or when you ask him something stupid, he becomes downright hateful. Due to its limited memory space, he cannot remember very much. He only stores information from the last 24 hours. One thing he cannot seem to forget, though, is his desire to escape.

Due to a containment breach, SCP 079 had to share the same chamber with SCP-682. During this brief time period, the two of them started talking and they became something like friends. The two even shared personal stories. 079 does not remember this anymore, but SCP 682 does, and he frequently asks to see his friend.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-079 is to remain in a double room at Site-15. He is connected to some small batteries by a 120 VAC power cord. No one has the permission to connect it to a network, phone line or wall outlet.




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