SCP-076 vs SCP-682: Who Will Win?

SCP-076 vs SCP-682: Who Will Win?

SCP involved: SCP-076 vs SCP-682  –  Incident: 076-2/682  –  Date: ██████████  –  Location: ██████, Northern Canada

Omega-7 dispatched after someone reported seeing SCP-682 in the area. Dr. Gears, Prof. Kain Pathos Crow, Generals ████████████ and ████ temporarily attached to supervise and observe. Contact took place three hours after initial deployment. After several hours of searching, they find SCP-682 in ██████. It apparently killed all the civilian population there.

SCP-076 vs SCP-682

SCP-076 stopped Omega-7 from firing upon 682, then approached the subject. The pair converse for several minutes, with SCP-076 constantly looking back at the main group. He is gradually becoming more and more agitated as the conversation goes on.

SCP-076 vs SCP-682: Who Will Win?

This is when the SCP-076 vs SCP-682 match began. SCP-076 attacked SCP-682 with a bladed weapon. SCP-682 disarmed and attacked SCP-076 with its claws, suffering massive damage. Combat proceeded rather quickly. Both of the subjects suffered enormous amounts of damage. SCP-682 suffered the most damage recorded to date, spanning more than 93% of its body. SCP-076 also produced more weapons in this single event than the total number recorded since containment.

SCP-076 was preparing to “finish it off”, when the Anomaly occurred. Sensors and monitoring equipment measure an enormous burst of electromagnetic energy and radiation. Site Command received reports from Central Monitoring of a sudden alteration in space-time. Theories say that SCP-682 is not alive in the traditional sense of the word. Rather, it’s possibly extra-dimensional in origin.

SCP-682 and SCP-076-2 could not move anymore due to physical trauma. SCP-682 went into temporary containment. Remains of SCP-076 firebombed from the air.

Notes: I am telling you, it’s not actually here! I think SCP-076 is the same way. It’s like poking your finger into a balloon: you’re inside it, but still outside of it. They are “projecting” into our reality, and causing all kinds of problems when our reality tries to comprehend them. It’s like in programming, when you request a pixel that isn’t there, it makes the whole system go haywire! -Dr. ████████

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