SCP-076 – The Real Abel?

SCP-076 – The Real Abel?

Item #: SCP-076  –  Object Class: Keter

Description of the subject: SCP-076 is actually made out of two components, if one can call them that. One is a stone cube, which we will name SCP-076-1 and the other one is a human entity. The cube is 3 meters in height and it is made out of metamorphic stone. All of its surface has patterns of unknown origins on it. The tests indicate that the rock dates back from 10.000 years ago.

SCP-076 – The Real Abel

On one side of the rock there is a door, surrounded by 20 small locks in a circular pattern. No one managed to discover if those locks have a key or not. The internal temperature of SCP-076-1 is 93 Kelvin and nothing can change it. In the corner of the room there is a coffin with chains all over it. SCP-076-2 is a lean Semitic man in his late twenties. Also, he has numerous tattoos on himself which depict occult iconography. When the subject is inside the stone chamber, he is technically dead.

SCP-076 – The Real Abel?

Once in a while, he will awake and attempt to leave his enclosure. Moreover, this is when he enters a trance and attempts to attack anything and anyone. Only the subject’s death can stop his rampage. Unfortunately, this is a very difficult task, because SCP-076 has inhuman strength and speed.

One of the subject’s most unusual abilities is that it can produce bladed weapons out of nowhere. Slow motion footage shows him pulling the weapons out of a small black hole. All weapons disappear after their leave the subject’s possession.

Special Containment Procedures: Containment area is located200 m below sea level. Personnel has access to it only through a vertical elevator with a reinforced blast door. Three or more people should always stand guard on site. In the event of a breach, all staff will go to the security station for weapon distribution.

If no one manages to contain the subject within 90 minutes, then Final Contingency Measures will activate. This means that personnel must flood the entire site and seal it off.


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