SCP 049

SCP 049 – The Plague Doctor

Item #: SCP 049 / The Plague Doctor  –  Object Class: Euclid

How does he look like?

SCP 049 is a very humanoid creature. It looks like a very tall man with a plague doctor mask. This SCP is 1.9 m tall. And it weighs about 95 kg. Nobody knows how those this SCP look like under his mask and clothes. Hence, he always appears in his 15th – 16th century plague doctor garb and mask. Although those are not natural clothes. Thorough analysis shows that his garb and mask are actually part of his body. They feel leather like. But they actually made of tissue and muscle.

SCP 049

When was he first seen?

SCP 049 was discovered in  ██████ , England by police officers. Immediately, a mobile task force responded to the police’s calls. They also feared an outbreak of [DATA EXPUNGED] and every civilian within a 500m radius was treated with class A amnestic. At the same time SCP 049 has been contained.

What is SCP 049 Actually?

After containment, the team started to figure out what is this new SCP. It didn’t speak, but it understood English. And it seemed really docile at first. Well, until he started to operate. Also, the team figured out that it is lethal for a human being to touch the Plague Doctor. The victim lightly touched the SCP’s hand and within a few seconds, started to [DATA EXPUNGED] and died. Due to data expunge nobody, excepting the SCP team, knows for sure what killed the victim. But many speculate that it was the plague. After his first kill at the containment, the SCP starts to kill other people he sees, so they don’t interrupt him. Because, although docile, it has a mission now.

SCP 049 has the weird ability to materialize his own medical bag. It contains utensils such as: needles, scalpels, vials, thread and an unknown substance. He starts his mission by dissecting his victim. He inserts substances into the body with needles and other utensils. Then he sews the victim back.

After finishing his mission, the Plague doctor becomes docile again. And after a few minutes his victim wakes up. But it is not as good as you might think. Because the victim’s mission is now to kill human beings. It became like a zombie, walking, but without brain function. After autopsy, numerous known and unknown substances have been found in the victim’s body.

SCP 049

One day, after the incident, SCP 049 started to talk all of a sudden, scaring and shocking Dr. ████. The SCP started to talk to the doctor about The Great Pestilence or Plague. And also telling the doctor that he feels the plague, and his duty is to stop it from spreading.

Unfortunately, SCP-049 broke his containment on 4-26-20██. Being unsupervised about 5 minutes, he got in contact with SCP-███. But then he has been detained again.

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