SCP 035: The Deceiving Mask

SCP 035: The Deceiving Mask

Item #: SCP 035  –  Object Class: Keter

Description of the subject: SCP 035 is a white porcelain comedy mask which can, at times, transform into a tragedy mask. When this happens, all of the evidence of the subject, including photos, video or illustrations will also change to its new appearance. There is a highly corrosive substance that continues to leak out of its mouth and eye holes.

SCP 035 The Deceiving Mask

Anything or anyone that comes into contact with this substance will decay over a period of time. The time frame needed for the decay to take place depends on the material of the object. Out of all the materials, glass seems to be the one that decays the slowest. Living organisms react in the same way, with no chance of recovery.

SCP 035: The Deceiving Mask

Special Containment Procedures: SCP 035 is to remain inside of a hermetically closed glass, with a 10 cm thickness. Doors are always triple locked expect for when the personnel enters or leaves. A number of two guards must remain posted at the entrance at any time. A psychologist is always on site in case that personnel needs therapy and evaluations. No one can touch SCP 035 under any circumstances. The glass case is replaced every two weeks.

Related Incidents: All of the subjects within a 2 meter range of the SCP will experience an intense urge to put it on. If this happens, the mask will change the brain wave pattern on the wearer, causing death to them. The wearer will then claim that their consciousness now resided inside of SCP 035. The bodies of the test subjects decay at an alarming rate. In spite of this, the SCP will remain in control of their bodies, no matter in what state of decay they are.

All of the conversations with SCP 035 are very informative, and researchers like to converse with it and learn new details about SCPs from it. Unfortunately, the nature of this SCP is very manipulative and it can provoke deep psychological trauma.



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