Real Sightings of the Doctor Throughout History

Real Sightings of the Doctor Throughout History

Lots of people claim that fans of science fiction believe in supernatural beings or think they are real. This claim is a contradiction in itself. Then they would be non-fiction fans. However, fans of Doctor Who, or Whovians, are in luck. There have been some real sightings of the Doctor throughout history. They are easy to miss by a usual person. However, to a trained eye it’s easier to see.

Age old rock painting. First of all, there is a painting that looks strikingly similar to a TARDIS. This painting is on a rock surface dating from thousands of years ago. Back then nothing even loosely resembled a police box. Therefore, what could the picture even represent?

Real Sightings of the Doctor Throughout HistoryReal Sightings of the Doctor Throughout History

The Sagittarius constellation. The Splitzer Space Telescope recorded an infra-red image in 2006. Scientists call is the Space Snake and they say it is a massive cloud of dust and gasses. However, it looks eerily similar to the crack in young Amelia’s room. This does not necessarily count as one of the real sightings of the Doctor, but it is part of the Whovian universe.

Consolation by Raphael Soyer (1959). Russian painter Raphael Sover painted a picture of two figures embracing. What makes this painting relevant is the resemblance of the figures to Amy and Rory. This picture was painted almost twenty years after Rory and Amy got sent back in time. Since Raphael painted pictures of people he saw on the street, it is likely that he saw them too.

Have you ever walked into a room and when forgotten why you were there? Almost like something was wiped from your memory? Ever had a feeling of déjà vu? Like those events really happened but you have no recollection of them? Ever had a sudden strike of inspiration from seemingly nowhere? I’m not saying that the Silence has something to do with this, but then again…


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