The Rakshasa

The Rakshasa Beast – A Hindu Nightmare

The Hindu Mythology is filled with weird creatures, gods and demons. And the Rakshasa is one of them. This merciless killer is a horrifying beast that you should pray to never encounter. Let’s see why are the Rakshasas nightmarish beasts.

What is The Rakshasa Beast?

The Rakshasa Beast – A Hindu NightmareThe Rakshasas are Hindu demons or goblins. They can be either male (Rakshasa) or female (Rakshasi). They are also shape-shifters. Therefore, they can appear as animals, monsters or attractive human beings. The legend says that they are only powerful during the evening and the night. And mostly in the dark period of the New Moon. And when the sun comes up, they are dispelled by the sunlight.

The Rakshasas have a king. Known as Ravana, the10-headed Rakshasa.

There is a story about a female Rakshasa trying to kill the infant Krishna. The demon offered the infant poisoned milk form her breasts. But Krishna sucked her to death. Yeah, Hindu mythology!

What does a Rakshasa look like?

The Rakshasas are fierce-looking huge creatures. They are ugly (when in their monster shape) and they have two big fangs that protrude from the top of their moth. They also have sharp claws. The most evil ones have flaming red eyes from all the human blood that they drank. They usually use their palms or a human skull to drink the blood.

These beats can also fly and vanish. And they are believed to posses the Maya. Also known as the powers of illusion. Hence, the shape-shifting ability!

All the Rakshasas are evil?

Not every Rakshasa or Rakshasi is evil. There are benevolent ones like Yakhas or elementals (spirits of nature). But the word Rakshasa is usually applied to the evil ones. Those who haunt cemeteries, kill and cannibalize human beings and drink their blood!

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