Searching for the Pukwudgie Evidence

Searching for the Pukwudgie Evidence

There have been lots of Pukwudgie encounters in the recent years, especially in the Freetown-Fall River State Forest in Massachusetts. Lots of suicides also happened at a ledge in the state forest. Some people link them to the Pukwudgies, which push people off of cliffs. The area is, apparently, a hotspot for supernatural activity. A couple of persons who were brave enough went there in the hopes of finding some Pukwudgie evidence.  What is a Pukwudgie?

In the last twenty years alone, there have been numerous alleged sightings of Puckwudgies. Physical descriptions of the creatures from each witness do bear a resemblance to one another. Three of these sightings happened in the Bridgewater State Forest. The latest and most recent sighting happened in a cemetery in New Hampshire.

Searching for the Pukwudgie EvidenceSearching for the Pukwudgie Evidence

There is an area which people named the Bridgewater Triangle. The region is infamous for its paranormal and supernatural events and occurrences. A group of people went there in search of Pukwudgie evidence. However, they could not establish whether or not these creatures even exist. Their visit lasted for several hours at one of the reported sights. They even wandered around the woods for a while. But nothing happened.

Puckwudgies are two feet tall creatures and they resemble a troll in appearance. One interesting thing about them is that they were not malevolent in the beginning. The Indians say about them that they were helpful to humans, initially. At some point, they became jealous of humans. Thus, they started burning homes, kidnapping children and adults alike and just generally being nuisances.

The legend goes on to reveal that Native Americans managed to chase them away and scattered them all over New England. Some perished, but some survived and they came back to seek revenge. With a renewed voracity, they came back to attack the Native American villages.


All in all, people claim that some Pukwudgies still survived and they continue to attack people. I, for one, will wait until I see some more evidence on the matter.


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