Conflicting Reports on the Ozark Howler Arise

Conflicting Reports on the Ozark Howler Arise

The Ozark Howler is a cryptid that lives in the regions of Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. In recent times, there have been no more sightings of this creature. It has gotten to the point of people actually asking where the beast could be. Some even speculate that it relocated, which seems plausible. The descriptions of the beast vary, as witnesses give conflicting testimonies.

The general consensus is that it has the size of a bear, with a stocky body and shaggy hair. As most cryptids, it has red, glowing eyes and horns protruding from its forehead. It supposedly also has a tail but no one can agree on its length. Some witnesses say that the Ozark Howler resembles a giant cat. Others say that indeed it looks like a cat, but it has horns and red eyes.

Conflicting Reports on the Ozark Howler Arise

No one is sure of the monster’s origins, but sources claim that sightings started in the 1800s. In 1950, there was a sighting of a goat-like creature. Many people back then thought was the Ozark Howler.

Conflicting Reports on the Ozark Howler Arise

The idea that this cryptid resembles a cat came from a truck driver. In 1980 he pulled off the road when he saw something like a cat, with red eyes and a long tail. Ever since then, people seemed to accept this description. However, the Arkansas Fish and Game Department states that there is no such creature in the area. What people saw could have been panthers that escaped from captivity.

Others in the cryptozoological community believe the Ozark Howler is a hoax. Cryptozoologists even wrote books on their sightings. There was even a student who tried to pull an elaborate prank on the community. It backfired on him when they found him out and made him apologize.

All in all, the Ozark Howler is still a myth to this day. Due to the prank and the elusive nature of the creature, less and less people believe in it.


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