Owlman Myth

Did you hear about the Owlman Myth?

Owlman Myth – The Owlman is a mysterious creature, also known as the Cornish Owlman. This creepy owl-like creature was seen in Mawnan, Cornwall, England. And it is also known as The Owlman of Mawnan. There are many skeptics who say that the creature was really a big eagle owl.

The Owlman Myth – Sightings

Owlman MythThe first sighting of the Owlman happened in April 17, 1976. Two girls, June and Vicky Melling saw the large winged-man on The Church Tower. According to this urban legend, the girl were in holiday with their parents. When the girls encountered the creature, they were so frightened, that their father cut short their holiday. And left Mawnan earlier than they planed.

This tale exists in Tony Shiels’ documents. He was a paranormal researcher. He also interrogated the girls. And he even asked one of the girls to draw him the “feathered-bird-man” that they saw. When Shiels saw the drawing, he called it the Owlman.

There was second sighting, according to Shiels, the same year. On July 3, other two girls, Sally Chapman and Barbara Perry met the creature, when they were camping. There were other sightings in 1978, 1979, 1989 and 1995.

But the most recent happened in 2000. People reported hearing a very loud owl-like sound in the church yard.

The Owlman Myth – How does it look like?

The most accurate description of the creature comes from the second encounter. The two girls saw the creature from a closer perspective. The described it as an owl as tall as a man. It had two pointed ears. His eyes were glowing in the dark. And it had big black claws.

Although many people say that this myth is not real, there still are locals who believe this urban legend. The skeptics come with different ideas. Some say that Shiels made up this hoax. Mostly because he was the only one interviewing the witnesses. Then he personally wrote to the newspapers.

We also have to consider that owls love to install their nests in church towers. And the encounters were most likely with a bigger eagle-owl.

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