Most Remarkable Ohio Grassman Sightings

Most Remarkable Ohio Grassman Sightings

The Ohio Grassman is a tall, bipedal hominid that stalks through the woods of Ohio. Reports mark is as very similar to Bigfoot or the Mogollon Monster. However, what sets them apart is the fact that this creature seems to be way more aggressive in nature.

The Ohio Grassman gets its name from the small nests it builds out of tall grass. That and the fact that it resides in the Ohio region. The first notable sighting of the beast happened in a small village of Minerva, Ohio in 1978. The grandchildren of some Minerva residents came screaming about a hairy monster they say outside. When people went outside, they saw what the children were talking about.

Most Remarkable Ohio Grassman Sightings

The creature had dark matted hair, sitting there and fiddling with trash. It weighted around 300 pounds and looked like a giant ape, somehow. The people fled the scene, but this would not be their last encounter with the monster. After this, the Ohio family would see the Grassman many times afterwards. One night they saw it looking at them through the kitchen window. The police later investigated the area, but there was no sign of the beast. However, they discovered several footprints and a terrible smell lingered in the air.

Most Remarkable Ohio Grassman Sightings

The Claymans next saw the Ohio Grassman atop a hill near a strip mine. The next month, much to their horror, they saw two hairy bipeds on the same hill. This is when they made a startling connection. Prior to the first incident, they found their German Shepherd dead, with its neck broken. The beast probably got to it.

The Minerva case would form the most complex and important Bigfoot investigation in Ohio’s history. However, in spite of this, 1978 was not the first mention of these creatures roaming the area. In the 1700.s, Indians native to the lands spoke of bipedal ape-men. Indians would leave out food in an attempt to keep peace with the creatures.

In conclusion, cryptozoologists do not know whether these are Grassman sightings or possible sightings of another type of Bigfoot.



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