Nymphs of the Underworld and Their Powers

Nymphs of the Underworld and Their Powers

Today we are talking about a different type of nymph, which is not as nice as you might know. These are nymphs of the Underworld, and they are as beautiful as they are deadly. First of all, I will talk about the Lampads. They are the companions of Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft. Zeus offered them to her as a gift for her loyalty.

The Lampads bear torches and accompany Hecate during her nightly travels and hunts. Some accounts say that the Lampad’s torches can drive anyone to madness. So, they are the first nymphs of the Underworld, but we don’t have so much information on them. Therefore, let us continue with others.

Lethe was a nymph too, and her river was in the Underworld. She was the nymph of forgetfulness and oblivion. The other nymphs did not really have a real job, or duty, per se. But Lethe was different. She had the duty of offering her water to those who died. In this manner, they forgot and were freed from their former lived. This ensured that they would not be miserable or remember the pleasures of mortality.

Nymphs of the Underworld and Their PowersNymphs of the Underworld and Their Powers

The next on the list is Styx, and her name literally means ‘Hateful’. This isn’t only the name of a river, no. It’s also the home of a nymph. All those who died had to cross the river to get to the Underworld. This river was a sacred place, and swearing on it was the most holy oath one could make. This was an honor given by Zeus, because she helped the Olympian gods defeat the Titans.

Styx was, according to Hesiod at least, even older than the gods. She was the oldest child of Oceanus and Tethys. Her waters were very dangerous and no one ventured in them. The water was poisonous to both men and cattle.


Orphne is the last on the list and she is another one of the nymphs of the Underworld. Her husband was Acheron, the one who took the souls of the dead in his boat over the river Styx.



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