The Manananggal

The Manananggal

When we think of monsters and evil creature, we imagine horrifying beings. But the chances are high that none of those monsters that you imagine are as repulsive, gross and scary as The Manananggal. An encounter with this monster never ends well. And the results are bloody and traumatizing.

The Manananggal

The ManananggalThe Manananggal is an urban legend from the Philippines. This evil creature usually appears in the form of a woman. But the appearance is highly deceiving. Because The Manananggal has a taste for preying on pregnant women. Oh, and also, it can sever itself in half!

When this creature is hungry, it chooses a pregnant woman. Then it severs his own body in two. Its torso then grows wings and starts to fly. Only the torso! The lower half remains in the same place until the creature gets back. When the creature gets close to its victim, it uses its long tongue and sucks out the fetus from the women’s body. Because it feeds with fetuses! Gross! And also highly traumatizing for the victim!

The Manananggal – Bizarre Sightings of the creature

There are several sightings of the monster, the first sighting being dated before 900 A.D. One of the most detailed is a recent one. A Filipino called D’Jhal encountered this merciless creature. D’jhal described his encounter with The Manananggal when he was a young boy. The creature didn’t want him. Because it was after D’Jhal’s pregnant neighbor. It was at night, when this all happened. The boy woke up because he heard dogs howling. Initially he thought that he heard his dogs. But then he looked at his neighbor’s house. The actual source of the dog howling.

The moon was very bright, and it allowed the boy to see clearer. He saw a floating figure at his neighbor’s open window. Scared, as a little boy, he hid under the covers. The next morning he asked the neighbors if anything suspicious happened. Turned out, his neighbor was guarding his wife and he banished The Manananggal away. Si it didn’t harm his wife and future child.

How to banish a Manananggal?

There are different ways to banish a and to make it stop. One method. And the hardest, is to find its lower body and pour salt in it. But salt directly on the monster works also.

Another ingredient that makes the creature weak and vulnerable is garlic.

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