Lake Superior Monster Hiding in the Deep

Lake Superior Monster Hiding in the Deep

Lake Superior is a fresh water lake, 1.333 feet deep in certain places. With this depth, it would not be surprising for something to live in it. The lake is almost an inland sea, and people believe that a monster lives inside it. The Lake Superior monster is a sea serpent under the name of Pressie. Its name comes from the Presque Isle River where one of the best sightings occurred.

Pressie is a creature of around 75 feet in length, with a horse-like head, a whale’s tail and a long neck. Sightings of this monster date back to the 1800’s. One possible Pressie sighting notes that the creature behaved in a snake-like way and tried to constrict a man. This happened in 1897, near Minnesota. A man fell overboard on his yacht after hitting a rock. The man claimed that a creature attacked and attempted to constrict him.

Lake Superior Monster Hiding in the DeepLake Superior Monster Hiding in the Deep

The native indigenous people called the serpent Mishipishu. You can see it in pictograms at various shoreline sites. It either appears as a cat-like creature or like a serpent. Modern sightings cite a serpent type creature up to 75 feet long. Its color is a dark green to black. The sightings go back centuries.

In September 1894, the crews of two steamers observed a strange creature undulating along in the twilight. Its back protruded 6 to 8 feet out of the water. In July 1895, three members of a steamer crew observed a hideous creature which seemed to pace their ship. They claimed that it had a 15 foot long neck.

Moreover, during the Memorial Day weekend in 1977, a certain Randy Braun snapped a photo of the Lake Superior Monster. It looked like a giant serpent swimming in the waters. Braun said that it undulated just like a serpent under the water. However, the snapshot he took shows a blurry object.

It is possible that some Pressie sightings could have been of lake sturgeons. They can grow up to 6 feet in length. Pressie could even be some type of water snake, for all we know.


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