Where Did the Koropokkuru Go?

Where Did the Koropokkuru Go?

A commonly occurring phenomenon that we see in both folklore and myths are miniature people. Fairies, dwarves or whatever other names they have, all of them have the same basic trait: they are small. The same thing applies for the koropokkuru, an indigenous race of people from Japan.  On the island of Hokkaido, the indigenous ainu people have long traditions of an ancient race of dwarf-like people.

The Koropokkuru are “the people who live under the burdock leaves.” The name is also an implication in regard to their size. There are stories of a whole family that could fit under one burdock leaf. However, the size of these people varies from tradition to tradition. Mostly, it ranges from 2 or 3 feet all the way to mere inches.

In addition to their small stature, the Koropokkuru are rather rough and primitive looking. Some people even say that they have reddish skin. Most commonly, people describe them as being hairy and odiferous. Despite their rather brutish appearance, these people also had certain signs of sophistication. They could use flint or stone knives, as well as other simple implements. People praised them for their ability in the art of pottery.

Where Did the Koropokkuru Go?Where Did the Koropokkuru Go

The Koropokkuru were capable of speech and could communicate with regular humans in this manner. According to Ainu lore, this dwarf race was rather shy and did not like to show themselves very often. Nevertheless, they could make trades with the Ainu occasionally. More often than not, these encounters take place during the night.

Both the Ainu people and the Koropokkuru managed to live in peace until a war broke out between them. From then on, no one has properly seen the race of tiny people again. Their existence vanished from history. Some people managed to find scattered evidence regarding their presence. Some of the evidence includes small tools and objects that would be too impractical to belong to a human.

One possibility is that these people were actually real and belonging to a race of pygmy humans. This race exists in Africa, Andaman Islands and Philippines and it would not be unusual for them to live in Japan too.


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