Kipsy the Hudson River Monster

Kipsy the Hudson River Monster

Kipsy is the name of an aquatic cryptid first sighted in the year 1610. The creature also holds the name of Kipsy the Hudson River Monster. As you can probably tell, it’s because the creature lives in the river of the same name.

The New York Times even wrote several articles about this master. Or, at least, about a strange creature that lives in there.

Kipsy the Hudson River Monster

In 1899, they wrote several articles about the monster, or a strange creature at least, over the years. In 1899, an article appeared titled “SHARK OR SEA SERPENT? Bathers in the Hudson River Startled by a Monster That Chased Them from the Water.” In it, they told stories of how a huge monster terrifies swimmers in the area. Some described it as a shark, others as a sea serpent.

Kipsy the Hudson River Monster

In 2006, the Times reported seeing another weird creature in the river. This time it was a manatee. This only added onto the weird happenings in the area and it scared the population even more. They said that this was probably the greatest beast out of everything that people managed to sight. It was upwards of 1000 pounds and a cousin to none other than the elephant.

“A beast that, at hundreds of miles north of its natural habitat, has most likely made the longest and most arduous journey among them.” Apparently, the beast had a pudgy-nosed face and sweet-potato-shaped body. This is something that you can only call cute, and it belongs to a manatee.

So, what is Kipsy, in the end? Was it even real to begin with? Most likely, Kipsy the Hudson River Monster is probably just an abstract entity people made up. They probably now use the name for any other type of creature that they sight in the river. Maybe it’s not even a cryptid. However, it’s still interesting how its story lives on.

But what do I know? It might be real and people like me are just brushing its existence off. By all means, don’t let me do that.

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