The Kelpie and Other Fascinating Water Horses

The Kelpie and Other Fascinating Water Horses

There are many interesting legends from around the world, and some of them refer to mythical beings. Don’t you just love those? This is why today we dedicate this article to the Scottish Kelpie. They are some intriguing creatures that you should really know more about. In Scotland, the kelpie is a shape-shifting water spirit. And it usually resides in lakes and pools.

The historian Douglas Harper talked about them too, and he defined them as demons that appeared specifically in the shape of horses. However, there are also tales of them taking human form. While appearing as a human, the kelpie will still have hooves. For this reason, a kelpie is a malefic entity. In Scotland, almost every lake has a story about its own kelpie.

In the past, people even made human sacrifices to appease the gods and spirits of the water. There are stories in which these creatures are benevolent too. Some are even nice and they help humans from drowning. They have a certain fondness for human children and are kind to them. Kelpies also warn young women to be wary of handsome strangers.

The Kelpie and Other Fascinating Water HorsesThe Kelpie and Other Fascinating Water Horses

Kelpies are the most common water spirits in the Scottish folklore. They are more dangerous than other creatures because they can live both in water and on land. In legends, they appear as beautiful black horses. If someone tries to get on one of these horses, they would surely meet their death. The hooves of the kelpie are reversed to those of a regular horse. In certain stories, the mane of these horses is made out of snakes,

The tangie or tongie is another shape-shifting spirit from the Shetland Isles. This too, is a water spirit that can take on the form of a horse or a merman. Sometimes it can also be an old man. Allegedly, it’s full of seaweed and it likes to terrorize lonely travelers. Specifically, the tangie has a predilection for young women. It will kidnap and kill any young maiden, devouring her under the water.

Black Eric, a sheep rustler, was another character of legend that was famous for riding on a tangie. This creature offered him supernatural powers whenever he needed. After Black Elric died, the tangie continued to instill terror in the area.



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