Kelpie Myth

What You Should Know About The Scottish Kelpie Myth

Kelpie Myth – This myth comes from a region with numerous other legends, Scotland. The Scottish Kelpie is a shape-shifting water creature. Mostly observed in lakes and pools. Numerous curious people tried to uncover the Kelpie Myth, with more or less success. For example, historian Douglas Harper is one of the most well known persons who tried to find out more about the kelpie.

Harper arrived to the conclusion that Kelpies are demons or evil entities. They are shape shifters, but mostly appearing as a horse. But there are people who report seeing kelpie in human forms. But even if it has a humanoid form, the Kelpie still keeps its hooves.

Kelpie Myth

The Scottish Kelpie Myth

The Kelpie Myth is so popular in Scotland, that almost every lake has its own kelpie demon. In ancient times, people even gave sacrifices to the kelpie of certain lakes.

But not all keplies are malevolent. They seem to like children. And they are kind to them. The Kelpies are also kind to young women. Some Kelpie Myths describe the sea creature warning young women of handsome strangers.

Kelpie is a popular water creature in the Scottish folklore. But they are considered more dangerous than other water monsters. Mostly because they survive both in water and on land. The Kelpie usually appears as a beautiful black horse. And the legends describe that every human being who tried to get on one of these horses was killed by the monster. Therefore, better not disturb it.

How does a Kelpie look like?

There numerous physical features that allow you to distinguish a kelpie from a regular horse. For example, the Kelpie is all black, with no spots of white, brown, gray or any other colors.

Another feature is that the Kelpie has some weird hooves. More specifically, the Kelpies hooves are reversed to thoe of a normal horse.

And, the most obvious feature is represented by the Kelpie’s mane. Which is made of snakes.

In conclusion, these are the main facts about the Kelpie Myth. If you live in Scotland or plan to visit, watch out for suspicious water monsters, such as the Kelpie. It is not only dangerous, but plain deadly. So be careful!

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