Jinmenken the Dog with a Human Face

Jinmenken the Dog with a Human Face

The Jinmenken is another Japanese cryptid, and, as with anything from Japan, it’s really weird. It is basically a talking dog with a human face. If you’ve ever wanted a talking dog, then the Jinmenken is the perfect pet for you.

These creatures roam the streets at night in Japan. From a distance, they look just like an ordinary dog. However, once you approach them, you can see their human face, which usually scares most people. The dog might also ask you to leave them alone in a really willowy voice. Other than that, they are not much trouble and they will not harm you. They can insult you, however.

Jinmenken the Dog with a Human Face

These mutts were a bad omen and people blamed them for car accidents and disasters. The stories of the dogs date back to the Edo period. Back then, most people in Japan reported seeing them, mostly at night. They were to famous that the media even attempted to capture them on film and show it to the people. Someone even claimed that they captured one.

Jinmenken, the Human Faced Dog of Japan

In the 1900’s a historian named Ishizuka Hokaishi wrote a book called Gaidan Bunbun Shuyo. In it he mentions how he captured a Jinmenken. The story goes that the dog was born in old Edo in 1810. A carnival owner heard about the news and went to aquire the dog, using it for exhibitions. The creature attracted many people, making the carnival owner really wealthy.

The late 1980’s and early 1990’s saw a rise in the sightings. Most people saw these dogs when they were taking out the trash. What is most interesting is that all these sightings take place at night, usually in suburban or rural areas. One explanation for these creatures was that they are the result of experiments. Others say that they are evil human spirits that took possession of dogs.

All in all, the Jinmenken is a rather funny, if not disturbing creature from Japan.

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