Japanese God Yaboku

Japanese God Yaboku

Yato is the main protagonist of the anime series Noragami. The whole series revolves around various Japanese deities, one of them being, of course, Yato. But where does Japanese God Yaboku fit in there? I will talk about him in more detail in this article.

First of all, if you have not read the manga nor watched the full anime, be aware of spoilers! No one is safe when I start picking things apart.

Japanese God Yaboku


In the beginning of the series we see Yato as a (handsome) young man in his twenties. But as usual, appearances are deceiving. Later on we find out that is a God and that he is thousands of years old. He has distinct electric blue eyes and dark hair with purple highlights. Usually you can see him wearing a navy tracksuit, a pair of brown boots and a faded blue scarf. His stunning blue eyes change hue according to his emotions. When he is very angry, his eyes become slitted like a cat’s.

But there is more to him than just that

And here is when things get more serious. He is, unfortunately, not a popular God. Since he does not have a shrine for people to worship him at, most have not heard about him. In the beginning he presents himself as a God of Calamity. His personality does not seem to match, however. He is goofy, airheaded, childish and likes lucky charms.

He takes on the most mundane jobs from people in an attempt to raise money and buy a shrine.

So much for the Japanese God Yaboku

I keep mentioning Yaboku though. But who is he? To put it simply, it’s Yato.  Later on in the series we find out that Yato is not his real name. He probably gave up on his original name in an attempt to rid himself of his God of Calamity reputation.

Unfortunately, he is not a representation of any actual Japanese God, unlike other characters in the series. This just goes to further his stray god persona and the Yaboku Mythology, does it not?


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