In Greek Mythology Whose Dogs Tore Actaeon Apart?

In Greek Mythology Whose Dogs Tore Actaeon Apart?

In Greek mythology whose dogs tore Actaeon apart? It would be too easy to give you the answer right away. Therefore, let us begin with the full story. It all starts when our hero Actaeon went hunting with a group of friends. At some point, everyone grew tired from all of the running around in the sun. They decide to take it easy for the rest of the day.

Acteon goes searching for some shade so he can rest. As he wanders through the woods, he stumbles upon something. That something being the goddess Artemis, naked as the day she was born. Instead of turning away, as a decent human being should, he continued watching her. At some point, she realized what was happening.

Another version of the story tells us that Artemis was in the presence of some fellow nymphs. Them, upon seeing Acteon, went to shield Artemis with their bodies. However, she was taller than them and she still stood out. She went to grab her bow and arrow, but they were not with her in the water. Thus, she resorted to using the water itself as a weapon.

In Greek Mythology Whose Dogs Tore Actaeon Apart?In Greek Mythology Whose Dogs Tore Actaeon Apart

As you can expect, Artemis becomes furious once she discovers him. Therefore, to punish him, she splashes him with water and transforms him into a deer. Neat trick she has there. As he runs away, Actaeon runs into Artemis’ dogs which were nearby. They start chasing him and eventually they catch him and tear him apart. Another version of the story tells us how it was actually his own dogs who did this. He tried in vain to tell them to stop, but they did not recognize him.

His friends and fellow-huntsmen cheered on the dogs, and looked everywhere for Actæon, calling on him to join.  As you can imagine, he was nowhere in sight and would not be anymore, either. Moral of the story: do not upset gods. Committing a hubris would bring on your demise.

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