The Hellhound

The Hellhound is one of the many supernatural, evil and powerful dogs occurring in mythologies all over the world. They are considered killers, carriers of souls to Hell and many more. For example, in Europe, they believe that if you looked into the eyes of a Hellhound 3 times, it is a sign that you will die in the near future. This creature became more popular due to the TV series called Supernatural.

What does a Hellhound look like?

HellhoundAlthough not every witness and mythology describes it exactly the same way, there are some physical characteristics that they have in common. A Hellhound has black fur and red glowing eyes. Some mythologies even give the hellhounds powers associated with the fire of Hell. Some believe it has the ability to spit fire. Or it is on fire, burning in the fire of hell.

What does a Hellhound do?

The Hellhounds have specific tasks that they are responsible for. They usually collect the lost souls from hell. They are also sent for the souls of those who made a deal with the devil (as depicted in Supernatural). Also, they are guard dogs. They are also often encountered guarding graveyards and other burial grounds. And they are often seen as omens of death.

Common known Hellhounds

There are many dog-like creatures in mythology and urban legends all over the world. And most of them are considered to be Hellhounds. One of these creatures, and the most popular is Cerberus (find out more about Cerberus).

HellhoundMost of the Hellhound legends and myths come from England. Therefore, here we can find creatures such as the Black Shuck (Norfolk, Suffolk), The Barghest (Yorkshire), The Gwyllgi (Wales), Church Grim and The Gytrash (northern England). There are also other creatures associated with the Hellhounds, such as: The Yeth Hound, The Moddey Dhoo, The Cwn Annwn, The Dip and The Bearer of Death.

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