Top 5 Good SCPS at the Foundation

Top 5 Good SCPS at the Foundation

It’s hard to make a list of good SCPS for the simple fact that their very nature is hard to classify. Some are useful, some do not harm you, while others are basically useless. But as we all know, the Foundation classifies them based on how hard they are to contain. Not on how good or evil they are. Regardless, I made a small top of good SCPS that humanity can benefit from.

First on the list is our friendly SCP-999, of course. His personality is very docile and puppy-like. At worst, he will perform one of his tickle attacks on you. For this reason, he can roam around freely. He is one massive pile of slime, but he can actually cure depression. If you spend some quality time with him, all of your problems will melt away. Oh, and he also smells differently to every person.

Top 5 Good SCPS at the Foundation

SCP-131. The next one on the list is a little bit more weird but just as useful. The Eye-Pods are two tear-shaped creatures with a large eye in the center. They form bonds with people quite easily and will get attached to anyone that gives them attention. It has been proved that they can be useful to the Foundation. Due to the fact that they don’t blink, they help with the containment of SCP-173 during maintenance.

Top 5 Good SCPS at the Foundation

SCP-500. This is not a sentient SCP, for all we know, but it is good. More in the sense that it only helps, not harms. This SCP is a bottle full of 47 red pills, currently. Each of the pills has the ability of curing every disease and illness. It’s even useful against SCP-008, regardless of the stages of the condition. The Foundation is very careful as to what they use the pills on, however.

SCP-073. I want him to be on the list for the simple fact that he has a nice personality. During his time at the Foundation, he has tried to help as much as he could. In spite of his mere presence killing plants and whatnot, he carries a lot of information which he imparts with others.

SCP-2295. This one is a stuffed teddy bear which has the ability of patching up injured people. By using bits of stuffing, he can create copies of actual human organs. The Subject will use them to replace the damaged ones.


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